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Restore Messaging app functionality and Facebook integration

In Windows Phone 8.1, the Messaging app loses its Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Skype integration. Instead you are forced to use separate apps for each thing you want to do. I would like the integration restored. That is a major reason I bought Windows Phone - its integration so you don't need the 'whack-a-mole' solution of iOS. Why buy Windows Phone if you're going to try to slowly morph into iOS?

Please restore the Messaging integration!

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    JJohnson1701JJohnson1701 shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
    zodyloganzodylogan shared a merged idea: Don't Remove Facebook Integration  ·   · 
    Lasse NistedLasse Nisted shared a merged idea: Facebook integration with people hub should not act as a 3rd party app  ·   · 
    declined  ·  Mobile GuruAdminMobile Guru (Admin, Windows Phone) responded  · 

    We know that there is real passion around our social integration model, but there was a lot of frustration with its limitations as well. In Windows Phone 8.1, we moved to an app-powered model so that all of the latest features were available, even though it meant that some features, like messaging integration, were no longer supported. Check out Joe Belfiore’s response to this and more on Reddit AMA below. We will continue to innovate in this area, so please keep the suggestions coming


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      • MarkMark commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        The People hub and live tiles were so promising. I didn't upgrade to 8.1 because I like the Facebook chat right where it belonged, in my messaging. I do not have any plans of purchasing a new windows phone. The choice is use my Nokia till it dies and they Android. I been there done it switching is easy.

      • Mihai AlexMihai Alex commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        So I guess I'll have to switch back to android, now, being with nothing better than it...

      • RyderRyder commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        This is the biggest cop out response I've ever read. There were few frustrations with the integration for users possibly more for MSFT but this is simply not a valid reason.

        The whole premise of Windows Phone and it's key selling point was inbuilt OS functionality for social messaging.

        The OS is now not 'fit for purpose' I am onto my third Windows Phone and all were purchased with the inbuilt messaging functionality in mind. This is what I bought the phone for. How can MSFT simply strip this basic functionality out completely? It's possibly unlawful.

        I understand FB has changed the manner in which users connect to the services but MSFT can work with external agents to get better outcomes. Skype is part of their stable and so there should be no issues there. Many are asking for only very simple integration, we don't expect bells and whistles as we can use the Apps if required. WP has had substandard support from developers, inbuilt services was its only saving grace. The app gap continues to widen as more organisations completely snub WP, it really appears that the platform is dead - a very sad outcome from what should be the leading OS in phones today.

        It pains me to say that if Win10 is not something special, it will have no future with me or anyone else. I'd say the situation is currently dire and to ditch the most important and saleable aspects of the original WP OS is a complete mistake. MSFT are killing their loyal user base with no likelihood they will return in the future, many have been burnt too often by a lack of coherence in direction for the platform.

        Unfortunately WP is the burning platform, killed by 1000 cuts from bad marketing, lack of developer support, lack of carrier support, bad reviews, slow release schedules, lack of flagship devices and misinformation but most importantly a lack of belief in the OS from MSFT itself. Something that had so much promise left to wither and die is shameful.

      • Russell MaeRussell Mae commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I am going to stop being a windows phone user. Since windows phone no longer wants to be used. Its becoming android, and if I wanted that, I would have bought that instead. Good by Microsoft. The stupid **** you do I don't care anymore. Tired of defending those that do bad things. And this stuff is bad. But hey if you're going after stupid people, leave me out of it,

      • Pavol BielyPavol Biely commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        It seems no on likes it but Microsoft is forcing users to use it. Lately I am still thinking about switching to Android.

      • andi kleinandi klein commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Hello! I don´t like the Facebook integration in my Newsfeed. I don´t want, that FB is opening when I want to reply a post. This makes it so slow. Please change it! Thank you!

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I just bought a Windows Phone because I didn't need all the apps, and now I do...

        As of today, I don't get any Facebook message notifications anymore, is that the next step ? To just get with it ?

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        What a lousy explanation. Seems like forcing change with the blind idea that all change is good instead of a better motto of "if it works, don't fix it."
        I won't even bother downloading the app because I wouldn't use the additional features, just the messaging and it is not worth it for messaging to have more than one app. Next thing i'll have to do is buy an android phone for one app, a windows phone for another.... then someone at android will be smart enough to incorporate both and bye bye windows.

      • PTPT commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I understand that WP moved to an app-powered model in order to update all of the latest features, but I would MUCH rather have a slightly crippled or "old" version that kept the hubs and integration, as its functionality and use FAR outweighed the tiny but immediate benefit of an app update.

        Windows Phone used to be about a whole phone experience integrating many different features into one convenient interface; now, it is a choppy, disjointing experience making the user constantly jump-around from app to app.

        Sure, there were a few things we were missing when messaging and facebook were integrated with the phone. However, I would gladly take the integration (even with its missing features) over the current iteration that makes you open a different app for every little task.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        plz bring this feature back. facebook online chating. to share picture with me app. We don't wanna open app cz it takes so much time. so plzzzzzz...
        Bring it back. This feature was awesome

      • WhateverWhatever commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        (I read Joe Belfiore's post)
        I don't mind so much that the other apps need to be present, but I'd prefer to be able to have at least messages appear in the "messaging" app too, at least optionally, as with "Linked Inbox". As with the original poster, People Hub and Integrated Messaging were the things I liked best about my Windows Phone.
        Currently, when I get a Facebook message, I can see it in my notifications, and even see the first few words of the message: it doesn't make sense for me to have to run the app to see the next few words. I don't actually care about the message-transport, I just want a single place for "People are trying to message me, let me reply".
        It is worse when I get a notification, can see some of the message in the notification, but have moved out of mobile coverage, so running the app doesn't even work and I lose my notification.
        I find the lack of twitter integration equally annoying: if I can see a tweet in my people hub, surely I should be able to type my 140-odd characters from the people hub to reply.
        I'm utterly baffled at the lack of Skype/messaging integration, Skype is a Microsoft product.
        I kindof get how Facebook itself is more app-ish, you can do a lot with it, but simple messaging feels like it should be an easy thing to have a single point of access for.
        I sometimes like to imagine a world where Steam/ Steam Chat or Google Hangouts were available on my phone...

      • ArtArt commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Developers may say anything, but deep facebook integration was a key charming feature for me in WP before it was removed and separate apps took place.
        Instead implementing facebook messenger MS had to improve integrated features.
        In fact its not only me who thinks this way, coz my friend who had lumia 800, 720, 630, finally got iphone5 saying that after facebook integration disappeared he can't see real difference anymore between wp and other platforms.
        In total that's true. I have L1020, happy enough, but i miss FB chat integration. I really miss it.

      • Rafael Gámez LagunaRafael Gámez Laguna commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I really like, no..., let me correct it..., I really LOVE WP in all senses, but one of them was to find this special HUB with all main social networks, that has always been awesome and something which has built a difference to the other OS, now, whatever the reasons you have found (upgrading the app, removing limitations, etc., ) you lost the ESSENCE of WP because IOS and Android are the rich and cheap version of a SIMILAR OS, just Blackberry and WP marked the difference.
        You can give me a lot of reasons to find a “why”, but you lost what WP were, INTEGRATION and all organized in just one HUB. Why should I open a very slow app to see my friends’ comments when I could do it in the HUB on a quicker way? All organized, all together, a great job!!! And also the Facebook chat and of course the tile “ME”. That was the reason why I bought my first WP7.5 and I’ve changed to WP8 afterwards…, but WP 8.1…, was a way to “Androidize” the system…, where’s now the difference? Maybe the tiles?? No, tiles could be copied by a “theme” but the HUB couldn’t be copied…
        I could downgrade Cyan to Black and I hope that you don’t remove the Black version in case I have to restore my system. Now I’m happy with my WP 8.0 GDR 3 and I don’t really mind the notification bar or other improvements, the most important was that, the essence of WP, something I couldn’t find in other OS…, now you became “another one”…, but I will keep my Black version…

        English is not my native language so I would like to apologize if I couldn’t make myself understand.

        Thanks for your comments.

      • Bob B.Bob B. commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Lets hope that Microsoft takes our concerns into Windows Phone 10. But, imho. 8.1 lost more then it gained. I find it interesting that 8.1 releases and WP market share drops. With the uniqueness going away, it will be harder to keep the fan base happy with the limited app support. Why not implement both solutions, if a user wants more app functionality, then they just open the app.

      • anonymousanonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I cannot believe microsoft is ignoring such a large movement to restore this! This was my single favorite part of windows phone. I will certainly not be buying another windows phone if this feature isn't restored. Well done ignoring and driving away your customers microsoft.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        There was one thing which I like most is social networking apps integration but in 8.1 it was removed... We all are very unhappy because current facebook app is very poor.. It is unable to post any text or image status update.... So I request u to please integrate social networking apps like before otherwise Windows phone is useless

      • PP commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Removing the integration and the Hub must be the stupidest thing to do. I have gone from loving this phone to being really irritated at it.

        The problem for you Microsoft is that, what you don't realize in your statistical data is that its the most loyal user base that miss these features the most. We're the ones that helped you marketing your products through word of mouth to a wider audience, and now you've screwed us.

        Thanks a lot.

      • UservoiceUservoice commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Old style People Hub is the best of the best of the best features that the reason I use Windows Phone. So, don't make it to be likely other normal OS. The People Hub now seem to be useless. We need it back. Please satisfy your customer

      • SNGSNG commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        The app-powered FB model is clunky and requires three steps to access a slow data feed. Since the 8.1 conversion I've had to stay signed out of FB because of the drain it puts on my battery for no real benefit (no live tile, updates that I don't need while missing the posts I want to see). I've been a loyal Windows phone customer for years but I'm so frustrated with this cop-off of Android that I might as well switch. The social media integration you had worked beautifully. The work invested in it kept users happy. :( If it doesn't revert back by 2015, I'm going to be in the market for a new OS.

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